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Photography for me is a mystery. It is very instinctual. I tried numerous times to explain how and why I take pictures of what I take. The more I tried to find an answer the more it seemed to fade away. The best answer I have so far is that I take pictures to remember the split of a miracle, the perfect moment of everything aligned towards a meaning. I make sense of the life around me by taking the poetry out in the light of a photograph. And it is very consuming… it takes all I’ve got. It is like trying to wake up everybody around me: ‘Hey, did you see that? You just witnessed something extremely special.” And I call that a split, and what I do it could be called split photography: a split in the moment, a split of the intangible, of the miracle among us. It is my search and reach for what is above us..

Andrei Fodoreanu
La Jolla, CA